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Rowing with Data

Rebecca Caroe from Rowing Chat: “There are two things that are having a really big impact. One is the ability to speak to each other, to communicate through a lot of different media. The second is using data as an additional layer of both input and output in the coaching process.”

Analysing an interval session

Are you a Masters rower who is struggling to balance training, work, family and other commitments?

Do you rarely have the opportunity to have a coach with you on the water?

Then, rowing with data is for you. Rowing with data enables you to

  • Set up a power or heart rate based training program and monitor how you are following it
  • Discover which training works for you and which doesn’t and make informed decisions
  • Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and adapt your training to address them
  • Translate technique flaws to measurable parameters which you can
    • Monitor during a row and thus work on technique without a coach
    • Monitor over time and see your technique improving
  • Race at your ideal power/pace setting. No more fly-and-die
  • Communicate with a remote coach easily and thus have coaching available even if you live far from rowing coaches
  • Rowing with data is fun! It is motivating to monitor your progress and analyze what to work on
Checking oar depth during and after a row

Developments in cycling and triathlon show us that soon, rowers across the world will use data to improve their performance. This will not be limited to the elite rowers. We believe that modern technology is a particularly good fit for Masters rowers, who need to train smart because they lack time and coaching.

Seeing gradual improvements of drive length from session to session

At Prygl Rowing Camps we work with the latest in Rowing Data. During the rowing camp, we will set you up with a Pro account on, and help you set up the various rowing apps and tools that are available. At the camp, we will have NK Empower Oarlock/SpeedCoach combo’s available. We will also be using Quiske Pods in combination with the RowP app to measure your boat acceleration, seat acceleration and scull curve. We will use them together with the coach’s feedback and the video analysis to set up technique and performance metrics tailored to your strengths and weaknesses and teach you how to work with them.

Monitoring adherence to a training plan

During a special workshop, we will show you all that you need to know to successfully incorporate data in your training, after you return home from the camp. We will also help you with setting up your boat for the data acquisition type of your preference.

Read more about how to get started rowing with data.

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